About us

The Pure nature Sp. z o.o. Company has within a short time become a serious and important player in the field of NFC (Not From Concentrate) juice production and distribution, using two state-of-the-art production lines which are the most modern and innovative solutions in Poland. NFC juice is squeezed directly from fruit, being thus characterised by natural turbidity, and is produced without any such additives as water, sugar, preservatives, thickeners, artificial fragrances or dyes. The NFC juice is then an excellent alternative for the consumers who value its taste and quality, as well as its health-oriented and nutritional values. Our apple juice offers high and, what is first and foremost, stable quality.

Since the beginning of production and deliveries, we have been maintaining the highest quality, microbiological, storage and control standards, all in order to meet the requirements of our most demanding Consumers – both the actual and the future – providing them with fully safe and absolutely excellent product.

Our collaboration with major vendors of raw materials – which are not only domestic but also international trading operators – makes it possible for us to offer our business partners with a product, with almost ideal price-to quality parameters. We have already won a leading position in Poland and would like now to achieve a position at which our values will be known and appreciated, both in Europe and in the world.
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