NFC juice is squeezed directly from fruit and produced without any addition of water, sugar, preservatives, thickeners or artificial fragrances and dyers. The technology of cold-pressing, combined with mild pasteurisation, ensures preservation of vitamins and nutritional substances. The obtained juice is not filtered or clarified, thus maintaining its natural turbidity.

The Pure Nature apple juice is squeezed from top quality Polish apples. A careful selection of this raw material guarantees an unforgettable taste and flavour. Naturally turbid juices are an outstanding source of antioxidants, which increase the systemic ability to eliminate free radicals. A glass of juice ensures the consumption of fully valuable nutritional substances, necessary for the normal functionality of the body. Rich fibre content provides positive effects for the gastric system.

The expiry date for our pasteurised juices approximates 8 months, while their freshness is guaranteed for 14 days from opening,    if stored in room temperature. It is possible with the BAG IN BOX packaging system with a special VITOP tap closure, which allows for multiple juice dosing without air access into the inside, thus protecting juice against spoiling.
Top quality Polish apples, Composition: 100 per cent apple juice, vitamin C

Available containers: 3L and 5 L.
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